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Jim Bradley - just one of Dalton McGuinty's Liberal Scumbag Liars

Ontario's Premier Liar, Liberal Dalton McGuinty, was taken to task in the National Post's July 9, 2010 editorial, "Ontario's furtive Premier":

   "You've got to hand it to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. It's not every politician who can break a campaign promise over and over again with impunity -and lately, without voters even noticing.
   The promise, of course, was Mr. McGuinty's infamous pledge not to raise taxes. He made it in writing to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation during the 2003 provincial election campaign, with a much-publicized photo-op, and has been busy flouting it ever since.
   In 2004, he subjected Ontarians to an annual health tax of up to $900 per family, under the pretext of improving the province's health system. Over the next few years he increased various licensing fees, including those for cars, boats and hunting and fishing. In 2009, he instituted up-front "recycling fees" of up to $13 an item on electronics, and almost $6 per car tire (the highest such fee in North America). In 2010 he introduced the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which -- because of the way it's being applied -- will add up to $400 in additional to Ontario families' bills every year.
   But Mr. McGuinty didn't stop there. On July 1 of this year, the same day the HST went into effect, he quietly imposed an "eco fee" on a host of items, including paint, hairspray, rechargeable batteries, bleaches, detergents, pharmaceutical drugs, natural health products and fire extinguishers. In other words, products you would find in every household in Ontario, and ones most people cannot do without. The new tax even applies to fluorescent light bulbs; ironically, their energy-wasting cousins, incandescent bulbs, are not subject to the levy.
   The fee is administered by a government agency, Stewardship Ontario. It is levied against industry "stewards" -- brand owners, first importers, or franchisers -- who are then free to pass it on to retailers, who themselves can pass it on to consumers.
   To add insult to injury, Stewardship Ontario is now spending $2.5-million in public money to "educate" taxpayers about the new tax -- after it has quietly become law. As a spokeswoman for the agency told the Toronto Star, "We would rather spend the money [now] to educate people than to [have spent] the money months ahead to say, 'Hey, there's a new eco fee coming.'"
   How brazen -- and how indicative of the contempt in which the Ontario government holds its taxpayers. And Ontarians thought all Mr. McGuinty could sneak through Cabinet were new police powers. "

McGuinty's secretive Liberals: a smug pack of congenital serial liars and compulsive deceivers. Lie after lie, deception after deception, convenient omission after white-lie omission - the arrogance of McGuinty's gang of Liberal scum is unprecedented.

Of course, neither the St.Catharines Standard, or Niagara This Week (both members of The Liberal Jim Bradley Asslick Society) have bothered to interview their local Liberal MPP Golden Prince, Jim Bradley, on a whole host of issues.

Not Bradley's fault.

Health care cuts and shortages?
Not Bradley's fault.

Eco tax?
Not Bradley's fault.

Secret G20 laws? Jimmy knows nothin' about it!

When did these two Jim Bradley Asslick Society members ever question furtive Liberal Jim Bradley about the above issues?

Regarding Jim's health care monopolism? Hm - conveniently, the NHS is to blame for all the cuts, as the Bradley Asslicks would like us to believe, and certainly not Ontario's McGuinty Liberal government!! Umm, isn't that why Smitherman created the LHIN's - to insulate Jim Bradley and his Liberal scumbag colleagues from political fallout?!!

What's Jimmy got to do with that?!

The Health-care Tax (faux-"health-care premium") - what's Jimmy got to do with that?!

Health care cuts and delisting - what's Jimmy got to with that?!

HST? Jim Bradley ain't involved!! Why - it's all Harper's fault y'see - why, Harper told Jimmy NOT to lower any of McGuinty's taxes; Harper told Jimmy to raise our cost of transportation and home heating and cooling! Yep - the Jim Bradley Asslicks would have us believe that their Best Boy Bradley had no choice but to increase taxes!!

Eco-fees? Of course, Jim Bradley had nothing to do with that, either! Did any Jim Bradley Asslick Society member, as they occasionally went up for air while licking Bradley's tax-rapist rear-end, ever ask Boy Jim about his secret faux-fee tax??!!

What - are we to believe that Niagara This Week and the St.Catharines Standard knew nothing about any of this?!! Or, did they just think it best not to involve Good Ole Jimmy, and so, ignore asking the tough questions? Did Jimmy's Liberal Asslicks patently believe in Jimmy's brand of liberalism no matter what, and tacitly approved by simply looking the other way?

Let's go back to the good old days, and once again, lovingly recall Jim Bradley's smug rhetoric as reported by a fawning Toronto Star (Dec.4, 1995): “As Liberal MPP Jim Bradley observed rather profoundly in the legislature, governments can be judged best by what they do in private. Put another way, it is what governments try to do covertly that speaks to us about their integrity and respect for voters.”

Yeah: read that again - that's straight from the wazoo of Jim Bradley.

Strange how today, the Toronto Star can't seem to find Good Ole Jimmy, the Smug Savant of Secord Dr., to ask how his statements made then reflect on his own Liberal lies and hypocrisy now. Of course, the Star lapped up Jim Bradley's sputum, because they both shared a Harris-hating agenda, and so happily obliged each other.

Where's the Toronto Star's analysis today of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's supposedly-insightful - and apparently "profound" (hahaha!) - claims?

Jim Bradley's Liberal government has become the apex of arrogance! Secretive Jim Bradley knows a thing or two about being "covert" - he's been hiding from crticism and explanation and accountability for years! Jim Bradley's words, strangely, seem only to apply to others - NEVER TO HIM OR HIS LIBERAL LIARS.

Jim Bradley's Asslick Society over at the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week doesn't seem at all interested in what Jim Bradley's Liberals have done "in private". Jimmy's Liberal lies, arrogance, deceptions, hyperbole, secrecy, omissions, delays and hypocrisy were handily and conveniently overlooked in Niagara's local press. Jimmy's fanclub saw to it that Jimmy could do no wrong.

Jim Bradley's "integrity" and Jim Bradley's "respect for voters" was never questioned - because, as we've all by now been trained to believe: {altogether now...} Jim Bradley doesn't have anything to do with any of this!!

Hahaha: sadly, the joke was on us.

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