Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Smell me, I'm Iggy' tops Ignatieff's IGGYPALOOZA 2010 Tour

Michael Ignatieff's cross-canada Libranopaganda tour started off with typically smelly Liberal smugness, then, his tour bus broke down.

Of course, Iggy was quick to point out that this "is not a metaphor for anything" - yet Ignatieff coyly 'smelling sulphur' in reference to Harper apparently WAS a darn good metaphor...

Count Iggula is so full of crap it's hard to know where to start hosing down his Gritty stench; let's look at day two of Count Crapula's diesel-spewing bus tour (gosh, by the way - have Stephane Bumbledore Dion, or David McGuinty, yet told Canadians how much pollution Iffy's cross-Canada tour will cause?
Wonder why?!
Why aren't McGuinty and Dion issuing dire warnings about how Michael Ignatieff is killing the planet with his "Smell me, I'm Iggy" 2010 tour? No carbon-offsets to brag about? No snide remarks about the evils of 'tar-sands' diesel?!
How strange.
How odd that Ignatieff isn't walking or biking across the country, to show us how pure and green his liberalism is!
And none of his reporter buddies along for Iffy's propaganda tour are asking?
Let's look at Count Iggula's explanation for his eco-killing bus tour...

(isn't it eco-killing? Let's ask Suzuki: well?... [insert sound of crickets]

...when Iggy says:

“We’re going to bring politics back to the Canadian people, restore faith in the political process, give Canadians an alternative — a compassionate, progressive, reforming alternative,” Mr. Ignatieff said. “We’re going to do politics differently. We don’t like a government that doesn’t respect the institution behind us. We’re going to practice the politics of persuasion instead of the politics of manipulation.”

What a pantload of manure that is: pure Liberal horseshit, right from the lead horse's mouth.

Iggy Poop wants to 'persuade' us that Harper is the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a moron. There's nothing trustworthy about Iggy whatsoever.

Ignatieff should be the last person pretending that his Liberals are somehow above the "politics of manipulation" - Iffy's ENTIRE TOUR is nothing BUT manipulative; it's an orgy of Icky manipulation!!!!

Why aren't Icky's reporter buddies asking about HOW he got nominated?!

Why hasn't even a single reporter bothered to get Ignatieff to explain to Canadians HOW HE ACTUALLY BECAME THE MP in Etobicoke?!

Ignatieff's OWN damn nomination was NOTHING BUT MANIPULATION.

It was a pure example of Liberal elitist thuggery in how the Liberal Party shoved Michael Ignatieff into the Etobicoke riding - see here; see here; see here.

Back then, in 2005, Iggy, the smarmy SOB, coyly told us he had no comment on the process by which he was parachuted by the Liberals into the Etobicoke riding; yet now this FLICKING hypocritical bag of elitist shit - as leader of the same Liberals - wants to wax poetic about the 'politics of manipulation'!


This IGGYPALOOZA tour, as well as Ignatieff's entire existence in Liberal politics, are the very definition of political manipulation.

Let's see some reporter have the balls to nail Iggy on his political poppycock.

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