Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why has ombudsman Marin's report into the Niagara Health System vanished?

Paul Forsyth reported in "Probe NHS, council says", (Niagara This Week, July 8, 2010) that the City of Thorold is joining the Ontario Health Coalition's call "for the province to appoint an investigator to probe the Niagara Health System".

Say what? There was a similar report in NTW on May 20, 2010 by Richard Hutton, here, "Probe NHS, OHC says; Health coalition report also calls on province to ‘disband’ LHINs".

Really, how "non-partisan" does Forsyth think that the OHC is? The OHC is as partisan-left as one can get. This group's aim is to further socialize and bureaucratize Ontario's health care sector. Nowhere have the OHC yellow-shirts supported the idea of de-monopolizing Dalton McGuinty's failing health system; their "solution" is more status-quo statism. Their beef with McGuinty is that he isn't socialist enough for them, as Kim Craitor's strange antics and alliances have shown.

The OHC's Natalie Mehra may claim that the NHS is "deeply distrusted" by Niagara residents, but isn't that mistrust misplaced, and also, a bit contrived? I'd rather trust the NHS than any socialist/Liberal health-care-monopoly pusher.

I'd rather trust the NHS than trust the Liberal political scumbag intermediaries who manipulate it.

I'd trust the people at the NHS over scum such as McGuinty, Craitor, or Bradley, any day.

The 'deep distrust' that any Ontarian might have should not be for their local hospital, but for their hospital's LHIN overseers, and for the LHIN's political puppet-masters, the Liberals who ideologically maintain their failing anti-patient-choice health care monopoly here in Ontario. Of course McGuinty's scumbags have ruined (as I have repeatedly shown, see Liberal Healthcare Duplicity links below) health care in Ontario - but the NDP would have quite conceivably done even worse, if you can imagine that.

The OHC's "solutions" are already an ingrained part of the problem - the problem of a Tommy Douglas socialist-infected health-care monopoly.

Forsyth doesn't quite tell us in his story what kind of "probe" Thorold's asking for.

A probe by whom? Under what conditions and scope?

Because let's not forget, Ontario's Ombudsman Andre Marin was ALREADY SUPPOSED to have been investigating the NHS in early 2009, and was ALREADY SUPPOSED to have released his report on the NHS earlier this year!! (see: here)

Where is this specific ombudsman's report on the Niagara Health System?

Have Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor told us?

Have any members of the Liberal Asslick Society in Niagara's Grit-friendly media even bothered to ask Jimmy 'n Kimmy about this?! (see here; see here)

So, what possible kind of "probe" are the OHC faction along with Thorold, demanding? Has Thorold's mayor asked McGuinty's local Liberal capos Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley about the ALREADY-CALLED-FOR, and now vanished, ombudsman's NHS report?! [Note also that McGuinty's Liberals cancelled their own promise to perform a so-called review of their LHIN monstrosity. The Ombudsman's report (announced in early 2009, and for reasons unknown, still unreleased) was supposed to cover the Niagara/Brantford LHIN and look into how the NHS handled its two McGuinty-forced emergency room closures. The ombudsman cannot investigate the NHS's hospitals directly unless McGuinty's Liberals first appoint a supervisor to take over the hospital system - which still has not happened; I wrote about that here - in 2008!!]

If the ombudsman (for mysterious reasons which McGuinty's secretive government has not revealed) could not publicly investigate and release his report into the NHS, then who can?
In 2009, we also learned that Ontario's Auditor, Jim McCarter, was powerless to probe the LHIN and NHS, as well.

McGuinty's secretive Liberal slimebags have all the investigative angles covered. McGuinty's Liberals are held harmless and protected from the blow-back of their policies.

Perhaps it's best to have a criminal investigation into the hundreds of c. difficile patient-deaths in McGuinty's Liberal-run health-monopoly under George Smitherman; and a criminal trial into how McGuinty's ideological Liberals foisted their single-payer health monopoly onto a trapped populace, and how Ontario patients who had no choice but to trust that McGuinty's authoritarian health-monopoly was safe and properly funded, were deceived and killed. Perhaps we could determine what roles McGuinty and his slew of Liberal monopolist ideologues had in these patient deaths, and determine their individual and collective culpabilities. (see here)

Perhaps jail time for monopoly-pushing Liberals is in order.

Is that the kind of investigation the OHC and Thorold wants?

Thought not.

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